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In 2015, TV Assembleia do Piauí (Alepi) entered the digital era, with high definition broadcasts, in HD, with very high quality sound and image, to better illustrate its content, considered to be of a high level. Opened on June 6, 2007, the also known TV Cidadã, the result of a dream and the pursuit of an ideal by state deputy Themístocles Sampaio Pereira Filho, is maintained by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Piauí, through the Deputado Radio and Television Foundation Humberto Reis da Silveira, being part of the Public Television Network. The station has a programming schedule that, in addition to highlighting the actions of the Piauí legislature, highlights the day-to-day news of everyday life in Piauí. The news programs, four in total, bring factual news, which are also highlighted in live flashes straight from the newsroom, as well as interview programs covering topics in depth. TV Assembleia emphasizes cultural programming aimed at those who make up the state's culture, and sporting attractions that value professional and amateur sports in Piauí, as well as programs aimed exclusively at people with disabilities. Finally, the broadcaster of the Piauí legislature, today connected to the television's own social networks, has as its essence the citizen culture of the people of Piauí, with a programming schedule also aimed at other powers, such as the Judiciary itself, with specific programs and topics of interest of society.
 Location: Brazil Brazil - PI - Teresina


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