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Rede Gospel Brasil is a network of Web Radios and Gospel TV that aims to evangelize all peoples, tribes and nations. We follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus, and spread his gospel, so that those who are trapped by sin can prostrate themselves before the Lord Jesus and achieve salvation to enter the heaven of glory and live in eternity. Rede Gospel Brasil was founded in 2020 in the midst of the biggest pandemic the 21st century has ever experienced. During the founding process, we received help from God, we were accompanied by His grace and blessings. This encourages us to continue making efforts to move forward. What we do Since the network was first formed, we have already received the support of dozens of Web Radios, in this way, many people can be reached and shepherded by the word of God, and can grow spiritually, fear God and know salvation which is in Jesus Christ. Vision: 100% Gospel programming with the aim of bringing extreme quality content to all listeners through our programming, as well as sowing the Word of God throughout Brazil and Portuguese-speaking nations and people who can understand our language around the world. Reach: Today we have a modern structure, with high-tech equipment and professionals prepared to bring the best web radio programming to Brazil. Our radio has an audience in all Brazilian states and has already reached five continents. New directions: Rede Gospel Brasil comes with a dynamic program, we are winning hearts and preaching the word of God, which is our mission. Pastor Delson Silva is the founder of this project who, through divine guidance, decided to invest time and finances to see his dream come true.
 Location: Brazil Brazil - SP - São Paulo


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