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TV Erga Omnes emerges as the natural growth of a movement for truth and ethical-editorial commitment still rooted in the V&L Portal, built in the USA. From the American site, we pursue the objective of offering a counterpoint, even within the traditional press, to the panorama of fakenews and improper manipulation of information. In Brazil, we created a non-partisan movement, a slave to the truth and respect for international media laws. We named this movement Erga Omnes, from Latin, for all. As a natural growth, the idea became the Erga Omnes Program, broadcast by TV Grande Natal, which began to give voice to the type of press that we intend to practice. With the knowledge of the general public and the certainty of the right direction, we present to Brazilians and citizens around the world, our new television station: TV Erga Omnes. Born on January 1, 2022, TV Erga Omnes arrives with the most modern equipment and technological structure. A broadcaster ahead of its time, bringing dynamism and full connectivity to the Web and social networks. And most importantly: here technology is at the service of people! TV Erga Omnes is a broadcaster inscribed in traditional values, built to give everyone a voice, clearly and committed to the truth.
 Location: Brazil Brazil - RN - Natal


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