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Starting on June 11, 2019, as a gospel web radio, we managed to reach a large audience in the most varied sectors of society with our family-oriented programming. Today, through digital evolution, we have consolidated our programming focused on a web portal and TV. In our schedule, there are several eclectic and varied contents such as: – Entrepreneurship (you Show) – Health (Ask the Doctor) – Sports (Bonifácio Program) – Journalism (De Olho Na Cidade and Ondas News) – Entertainment and variety (Good morning with Betânia Bonifacio). – Health (A help for Mainas). – Interviews – (A Very Special Encounter, coffee with Rosana Paes) – PCD Rights (Including in the Conversation) – Politics (Neighborhood by Neighborhood) – Cultural Diversity (For the Order First They) – Sustainability (Be Sustainable). – Events (Adriana Ivo's Tips) – Business (Cornte Empresarial) – Children's gospel (Clubinho da Princesa Pri) – Treating Pets (exchange of ideas with Tia Déia) – Evangelical and Gospel Programs, broadcast from 7pm. (08 pastor programs part of gospel programming). – GASTRONOMY (tips and interviews with RÔ LOBATO). In production, Estréia soon All this family programming won over the public from children to the best age and transformed the Portal and web TV Ondas de Maricá, one of the main communication vehicles in the city of Maricá in RJ, into a city with 164,504 inhabitants.
 Location: Brazil Brazil - RJ - Maricá


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