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The Dominican Radio and Television Corporation, C. por A. (COLOR VISION), the first color television in the Dominican Republic and the third in Latin America, was founded in Santiago de los Caballeros on July 25, 1968, beginning its broadcasts on July 30. November 1969 from his studio at the Hotel Matúm, Santiago on channels 9 and 2; then he builds his building and moves to Santo Domingo. Outstanding national and international personalities belonging to different groups and social strata have paraded through COLOR VISION: artistic, political, economic, cultural, scientific, among others. COLOR VISION's mission is to be the light of the present based on the future, educating, entertaining, informing and guiding, promoting development and venturing into bold and creative projects towards the generation of better opportunities J. Armando Bermúdez (Poppy), is the founder and President, Domingo O. Bermúdez Madera, Vice President and CEO, Manolo Quiroz, Director and founder. Aware of the dynamism that belonging to the information age represents, we remain at the forefront of Dominican television, transmitting our programming in real time through our Internet page:, as well as as through satellite signals. In the 90's Color Vision maintains its leadership, and in 2000 it is consolidated as a Premium channel in the Dominican Republic. Being the first channel on the Internet in real time, and renewing its equipment according to the requirements of the new times.
 Location: Dominican Republic Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo


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