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Talk TV UK is a UK television channel specializing in entertainment and discussion programmes. With a wide range of talented presenters and guests, the channel covers a wide range of topics from politics and news to entertainment and lifestyle. Talk TV UK is known for its relaxed style and for creating a welcoming environment for honest and meaningful discussions. In addition, the channel offers live and recorded programs, ensuring that viewers can catch up on their favorite programs at any time. If you're looking for a fun and reliable source to discuss the latest and trending events, Talk TV UK is the right choice. Talk TV UK offers a wide range of programs throughout the day starting with "5am James Max" followed by "6:30am Julia Hartley Brewer" Monday to Thursday and "Jeremy Kyle" on Friday. At 10am, viewers can watch "Mike Graham" followed by "Ian Collins" at 1pm. At 4pm, it's "Vanessa Feltz's" turn, and at 7pm, "Jeremy Kyle" returns. At 8 pm, the channel presents "Piers Morgan Uncensored". The night closes with "The Talk, with Sharon Osbourne" at 9 pm, and "First Edition, with Tom Newton Dunn" at 10 pm. With diverse programming and talented presenters, Talk TV UK is the ideal destination for up-to-date discussions and high-quality entertainment.
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