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CMC Country Music Channel - a San Francisco Bay Area Music Television Station


From an impressive list of advertising clients to broadcasting and recording industry insiders, the quoted descriptions above are frequently used when referring to the award winning music television services of CMC Broadcasting Company Incorporated. Named by Billboard Magazine as outstanding local music video station of the year for five consecutive years, CMC owns and operates one of the longest running local music video stations in America, CMC CALIFORNIA MUSIC CHANNEL. CMC Television is programmed like radio, but with pictures. Of course, it's really nothing new. Situation comedies, soaps, action, drama, news, sports, game and variety shows, indeed NBC, CBS, and ABC, all originated on radio. Just as radio turned to phonograph records when television and FM fragmented radio audiences; television, the internet, and wireless media turn to music. This is not music of old traditional TV variety or award shows. This is music video, motion picture records. Today, virtually every popular song is available in video. All major music companies, as well as independent producers solicit CMC to receive air play on this important promotional outlet. The vast CMC music video library exceeds 50,000 titles.
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