Classique Tv Séries 2 - Mulher Biônica

Classique Tv Séries 2 - Mulher Biônica Live


O Canal TV Séries 2 broadcasts 24 hours or the serial da Mulher Bionica dubbed in Portuguese. A Woman Biônica (original title: 'The Bionic Woman') is a North American television series spin off of The Six Million Dollar Man about the cyborg Jaime Sommers, played by Lindsay Wagner. A character appears for the first time in a 2-hour non-serial special The Six Million Dollar Man. In the story, Steve Austin's girlfriend suffers an accident and Austin convinces his chef to put the bionic implants in her too. Her body is red, and she died in removal surgery. No entanto, a personagem caiu not liked by the public, or that fez the producers to create a spin-off only of her. The explanation for her return is that she had a suspenseful animation and had her body recovered, because of her memory. Assim a personagem pôde ter liberdade de rotairo, sem necessitar do Steve Austin always next, or that would be impossible if they still fossem noivos.
 Location: Brazil Brazil


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